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When was natural gas first found in Pakistan?
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December 13, 2023

In Pakistan’s energy history, there’s a story about the Sui Gas Field. It’s a tale of finding, exploring, and growing. This field is about 50 miles north-north-east of Khairpur in the Balochistan province. Pakistan Petroleum Limited discovered it in 1952.

Important Find:

The Sui Gas Field was found in the natural bends and folds linked to the Anticline, marking Pakistan’s initial significant gas discovery. This discovery is crucial for growing the country’s energy sector, as it holds over 9 trillion cubic feet or 255 billion cubic meters of gas.

The commercial journey started in 1955.

Sui Gas started in 1955, producing around 35 million cubic feet per day. This was the beginning of a field that later became Pakistan’s biggest and most important gas reserve.

How Drilling for Development Boosts Production.

As the need for gas increased, efforts were made to drill more wells and boost production. So far, 86 wells have been drilled in the area to tap into its full potential.

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The Best Times: The Awesome Years of the Mid-80s

In the middle of the 1980s, the Sui Gas Field was providing a lot of gas, around 850 million cubic feet per day. This was the field’s peak time, showing that it could supply the growing energy demand of the country.

Two Storage Areas: SML and SUL

The gas comes from two places in the field – the Sui Main Limestone (SML) and the Sui Upper Limestone (SUL). However, over time, the SML Reservoir had lower pressure, so they had to use compression facilities to maintain the flow of gas as agreed.

Equipment for squeezing or pressing:

To fix the low pressure in the SML Reservoir, the Sui Gas Field needed compression facilities. These facilities began working in 1986 and were important for maintaining a steady flow rate as agreed upon.

Coming Soon: Making Gas Pressure Better with a Second Stage Compression

In the future, they plan to make the Sui Gas Field work better by adding a second stage compression system. This will help get more gas out efficiently and make the period of steady gas production last longer.

How Sui Gas Affects the Country’s Infrastructure

The finding of gas in Sui Field wasn’t just crucial for rocks and machines. It played a big role in improving Pakistan’s gas system, becoming a strong foundation for business growth and progress in various areas across the country.

How to get sui gas duplicate bill

If you want to simplify and manage your expenses better, there are many options available. When it comes to paying utility bills like gas and electricity, it’s a good idea to keep a backup copy in case the original is lost or incorrect. Specifically focusing on gas bills, if you receive double bills, dealing with them online is easier. Let’s talk about how you can get duplicate bills.

You can access your sui gas bill check online using the technology provided by your gas service company. Duplicate payments can be obtained through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, and SMS services, eliminating the need to go in person or wait for a postal delivery.

To get a duplicate bill, you usually need to enter important details like your customer number, transaction ID, and registered mobile number. Once verified, the system will generate a duplicate invoice that looks like the original, containing important details such as the payment period, meter reading, total credit amount, and more.

Online gas billing offers several advantages, including easy access, time savings, and the ability to track and manage gas usage efficiently. By choosing an online platform, you can check your bills anytime, anywhere, and save your digital records for future reference.

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