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Discovering Winterland karachi Wonderland
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November 16, 2023

Come to Winterland, the best place in Karachi for winter fun! Enter a magical world and enjoy the winter wonders in the city center. Winterland Karachi guarantees a memorable time with snow, ice, and entertainment, whether young or old.

Embrace the Winter Vibes at Karachi 

When you step into Winterland in Karachi, you’ll find yourself in a special winter place like no other. The whole park turns into a snowy wonderland with shiny lights, snowy scenes, and the happy sound of laughter everywhere. It’s a view that will amaze you and make you believe in the magic of winter.

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What are Winterland Karachi timings?

Winterland Karachi welcomes visitors from 3 p.m. to midnight, creating a magical experience. During this time, you can enjoy snowy scenes, sparkling lights, and a joyful atmosphere. It’s a chance to step into a winter wonderland, soak in the festive vibe, and maybe even join in some seasonal fun. Whether you prefer a relaxed evening walk or an exciting park adventure, Winterland Karachi has something special to offer from 3 p.m. until midnight.

Thrilling Ice Skating Adventure

At Winterland, the big draw is the awesome ice skating rink. Whether you’re really good at skating or just starting, this icy area is all about having a blast. Put on your skates, slide around the rink, and do cool turns and spins. It’s something that gets people together and makes memories that stick around forever.

Snowy Adventures for All

Winterland has lots of fun snowy things to do! Slide down snow slides, race in tubing lanes, and have a friendly snowball fight with your friends and family. You can also try making snowmen or cool snow sculptures. There are so many things to do, and the happiness is catching!

Delightful Winter Treats in Karachi Winterland

After all the fun and adventure, pause for a while and treat yourself to yummy winter snacks at Winterland. There are lots of food stalls with hot cocoa and tasty treats to cozy up with. The smell of freshly baked goodies and the warmth of the drinks will make the magical vibes even better.

Entertainment Galore

Besides the snow and ice fun, Winterland also offers live shows, music, and entertaining performances. Experience lively dance shows, enjoy live music, and join interactive games that will keep the excitement up and smiles on your face. The energetic atmosphere and talented performers ensure non-stop entertainment during your visit.

Winterland Karachi ticket price

The Winterland Karachi ticket costs 1499. When you buy it, you get a bunch of cool things. The ticket is good for one hour and includes gloves and a jacket to keep you warm. With this ticket, you can go on as many rides and do as many activities as you want. You only need to enter once. And there’s more! Check out the Ice Park with 7,000 tons of solid ice. Enjoy rides like the infinity and Tube slide. Try the zipline, explore slides and play areas for kids, ride the Merry Snow Round, and have fun with live snowfall. If that’s not exciting enough, you can also try ice cycling, ice skating, or have some friendly collisions with Bumper cars. Your ticket lets you explore a world of winter wonders and have endless fun.


Winterland in Karachi is like a cool retreat from the hot weather, where you can have fun in the winter magic. Whether you like ice skating, playing in the snow, or enjoying tasty treats, there’s something for everyone. It’s a chance to make happy memories with your family and feel the wintertime enchantment, all in the middle of the city

Oneiro Admin

Oneiro Admin

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